This blog is an evolving project that started for a class and slowly became the place where I share recipe’s and seasonal flavors. I work on an organic farm and bring home bags of greens, vegetables and herbs each week. My family has a ranch with about 40 or so laying hens, maybe more now they keep hatching new babies. We also raise our own grass fed goats and cattle for eating with the hopes of adding pigs and a few other animals next spring.

I am a full time student and a writer, but most of the time I spend in class I think about what I want to make when I get home or what adventure I want to go on next. I grew up skiing, playing soccer, climbing, biking, hiking, swimming, and playing outside all day. My passion for the outdoors pairs nicely with my passion for local and organic food because they fuel each other. I attribute all of my food knowledge and passion for food to my mom, she is an incredible, creative cook while my dad gets kudos for my environmental beliefs. My favorite food is simple and light. I encourage you to play with ingredients, I don’t think I’ve ever strictly followed a recipe, I’m always adding, changing, substituting, and experimenting.

I love comments and recipe sharing, potlucks and good wine. I hope nothing more than to make you hungry for fresh, delicious seasonal and local foods.