Backcountry Snacks: Raisin Bread Sandwich with Bananas and Honey

by sageandhoney

I’ve filled almost all of my weekends this winter with backcountry skiing. We’ve hiked Mt. Rose, Rifle Peak, Jake’s, Bliss, Crater Lake, ASI, Tallac and a few other spots. Some just once, some a few times. I think it’s the most meaningful way to experience winter and skiing. You really learn to appreciate your turns when you spend a few hours trekking up a steep mountain to earn them. You also get to know your geography, I’ve learned more about my mountains through backcountry skiing this year than any other year living here. You also really appreciate food after a long hike, and the food you bring on a hike is really important because it’s what keeps you going.

The best breakfast before hiking is a green smoothie and three farm fresh eggs. And I always like having a latte before a hike, it just gets me so excited to charge uphill. On the way up I drink tons of water and like to have some chocolate and fruit. I also usually bring raw macaroons and they seem to be one of the best snacks ever for backcountry skiing. They are a mix of raw cacao, coconut flakes, coconut oil, maple syrup, salt and cinnamon and I dehydrate them for a few hours so they’re a little crispy and richer.

I just wanted to share a really simple, but incredibly satisfying snack I made for our hike up Tallac today. It was a triple decker sandwich with all the right ingredients, flavors and textures.

Raisin Bread Sandwich with Bananas and Honey

3 slices toasted sprouted raisin bread
Sliced bananas
Sea Salt

Toast the bread, spread with butter and honey, add bananas and top with salt and cinnamon. Wrap in tin foil and enjoy on top of a mountain in the sunshine.