Thanks Jillian!

by sageandhoney

I wanted to thank Jillian Stenzel for her article about this blog, she wrote it for our University webpage and I love it. We had a really nice dinner together, ate Thai food, drank wine and ate this yummy broiled pear and fromage blanc dessert with honey. It’s fun to share this space where I store recipes with more people and I enjoyed sharing a meal with Jilllian.




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Harris, in her element, cooking up topics for her blog

by Jillian Stenzel

Fervent food lover and journalism student Amy Harris found a way to communicate her passion through the medium she loves most: writing.

“I want people to be more interested in their food,” Harris said, “Eating well is such a treat and it’s not hard to do. I want people to see that food can be a creative and empowering outlet.”

Her natural talent for writing combined with the influence of her agriculturally and environmentally conscious parents helped shape Harris as a writer.

Currently in her final semester at the University, Harris credits the Reynolds School of Journalism for the skills she honed by repetition and the pressure to work under a deadline.

“I’m really impressed by her passion for food and how quickly she can spit out a good story,” said Amanda Burden, Harris’ editor at Edible Reno-Tahoe, a quarterly magazine that explores the regional food culture.

The Reynolds School helped Harris to develop the confidence necessary to involve herself in the community around her.

“I was super shy coming into college, and now I feel really comfortable with, and even enjoy, doing interviews,” Harris said. “The journalism school forces you to be invested in what’s going on around you and gives you exposure to things you normally wouldn’t have. Other majors don’t have that kind of community outreach.”

Harris began a blog a little over three years ago for an environmental studies class. It evolved into a space to archive her gastronomical experiments and, eventually, became a resource for other food lovers.

“I do it for the moms,” Harris jokes while discussing the primary fan base of her blog, “I get kind of embarrassed that I have a food blog but it’s been a valuable resource for recipes I would have otherwise written down somewhere and lost.”

Harris regularly posts recipes and photos of meals she creates using local ingredients from her parents’ ranch or the organic farm in Sierraville where she’s employed.

“I get a lot of feedback from family and friends who are really happy that I’m sharing what I do,” Harris said.

In addition to blogging and working on a farm, Harris shares her zeal for local food as a writer for Edible Reno-Tahoe. The skills and knowledge she developed as journalism/environmental studies major came together perfectly in Harris’ current position.

Two years into publication, Edible Reno-Tahoe features people involved in the local food movement. Harris thinks it was a great place to get her start.

“When I got in touch with Amy, I had her write up a story for me,” Burden said, “Soon after, she expressed an interest in interning so I snatched her up!”

Harris appreciates the opportunity pursue both her love of writing and her passion for food and the environment.

“The coolest part is regaining hope that people are doing good things in your area,” Harris said, “When you talk to people who believe that food is an important where you are, it’s inspiring and refreshing.”

Harris’ paid internship provides an opportunity to write for a cause that is close to her heart.

“Having a paid internship is something I totally recommend to everyone,” Harris said, “You completely value your work differently.”

Harris loves that through journalism she can connect to the food community.

“Most of my writing has been promoting people who get in touch with the food where they are,” Harris said. “That will probably shape what I do. Regardless, writing will always be a part of my life.”