Banana’s Foster

by sageandhoney

Apart from nearly lighting the ceiling on fire, my brother is an expert at making banana’s foster. We ate this after a delicious meal of fish tacos in celebration of my parent’s 30th anniversary. This recipe is Maui style, almost every ingredient came from the island, and that really added extra luxury and decadence to the dessert.

Banana’s Foster

 Apple Bananas
4 tbsp Butter
¼ Cup Rum
5 tsp Coconut palm sugar
Vanilla ice cream
Coconut candy

 Cut up the bananas, fry them in butter until they’re nice and browned. Add a few teaspoons of coconut palm sugar, stir until the bananas are coated. Pour in the rum, and then light a match and light the rum on fire (careful here!). Let the fire burn off and serve with vanilla ice cream, cinnamon sprinkles and coconut candy.