Chia Pudding

by sageandhoney

The counter tops are filled with tropical fruits and avocado. I felt inspired for the first time in a long time to make a killer raw breakfast. I soaked about ¼ cup of chia in a mason jar filled with water. I made it nice and thick. On top of the chia mix, I cut up papaya, mango, orange, banana and pineapple and squeezed a whole lime over the mixture. In the vitamix I blended half an avocado with 3 dates, a few macadamia nuts and almonds and some coconut water. This made for a really rich, sweet topping on the fruit and paired perfectly with the chia. The dish is topped off with lilikoi from the farm and is very filling while maintaining its lightness. It looks almost exactly like the yogurt/granola mix of other morning but with a raw twist.

I came home with several bags full of kale from the farm also and I figured I’d make a raw kale salad. In it I diced up carrots and fresh yacon for sweetness, and added avocado, macadamia nuts and cheddar cheese for richness. I massaged the kale with lemon juice, olive oil, salt & pepper to soften it and added tomato as a finishing touch. We ate the salad on top of toasted bread spread with either hummus or macadamia nut pesto and it was delicious and light also, but a very filling late lunch.

Have a zen, almost full moon, evening.