Maui Gardens, Food and Adventures

by sageandhoney


I’ve visited Maui several times before, but this trip, in just a few days, has showed me parts of the Island I’ve never seen before. I watched people surf 20-foot waves at Jaws, the awe I felt for their skill and bravery distracted only by a whale breaching just past the waves. I volunteered at Greenleaf Farms all day Thursday. It is an incredible 2-acre permaculture farm that grows yacon, salad greens, herbs, lilikoi, mangoes, bananas, pomegranate, chermoya, papaya, oranges, kale, Buddhas hand, lemons, limes, figs, avocados, peppers, peas and so many other beautiful foods and flowers. I came home with an incredible bounty of beautiful food, new connections and an idealistic vision of my perfect permaculture garden. The fresh food is amazing, mornings are filled with tea and local tropical fruit with granola and yogurt. Huge salads with edible flowers, Maui strawberries and avocado’s with lemony dressing punctuate the middle of the day. Learning to surf is my biggest challenge, but I get to play everyday.