Hard Cider

by sageandhoney

This fall I’ve been drinking some really delicious hard cider, but never thought about brewing my own. This weekend I spent a few hours juicing apples (for about 1.5 gallons of juice), it was super time intensive and I’ll use the apple press at the homebrew shop next time but I’m excited to see if apples picked from the neighborhood trees make good cider. The guys at Reno Homebrewer are very helpful, they say it’s pretty easy to brew cider but I’m thinking it might take me a few tries to get it down. It takes about 2 weeks to ferment and then another month to age and gain better flavor. Right now my juice is in gallon jugs and I’m going to add the champagne yeast today. If you still have plentiful apple trees in your area or an orchard make or pick up some juice, so far this cider experiment cost me $1.50.