Maine 2011

by sageandhoney

My brother took beautiful pictures with his new camera while we were in Maine. Beautiful scenery, delicious food, endless activities, and so many good people we love characterized the trip. Most days we ran or hiked and played in the water. Dinners came from the farmers market or Terra Optima Farm where grass fed beef, whole chickens, sausage and bacon filled freezers, and payment was based on an honor system (a tray filled with money in the fridge). We ate our share of lobster, clams, mussels, cod and other seafood and also tried some amazing new restaurants, most notably Primo. We harvested blueberries out of our fields and blackberries from my cousin’s house and made raw milk ice cream with fresh delectably sweet tiny Maine strawberries, mint, and balsamic, dark chocolate and candied ginger. My mom made lemon blueberry cupcakes with lemony cream cheese frosting. We visited Chase’s Daily in Belfast weekly for their unbeatable farmers market and ate thin crust pizza and roasted vegetables. We hiked Precipice trail in Acadia, a trail that goes straight up a rock face by way of ladders and sketchy railings and drop offs. Eating popovers in Acadia is more traditional in my family than opening presents on Christmas day and my dad, Nick, and Jordan gorged themselves on five each for dinner. We celebrated at our friends’ incredibly beautiful wedding and Mari and I danced with a delightfully graceful and talented man who managed to make me look like I had rhythm. The end of trip was climatic with a hurricane canceling my flights, blowing over multiple trees, shutting off the power, and allowing us to hang out under a kerosene lamp with close friends as the wind and rain clamored against the house.

Cod Stew

Delicious with toasted bread and raw milk

Fresh, flaky, melt in your mouth cod

Cod Stew
Bacon ~5 strips
Cod~cut into smaller pieces
Tomatoes~several heirlooms
Corn~2 cobs
Kale~a nice big handful
Garlic~3 or 4 cloves
Sea Salt
Lemon Juice
This stew exhibits some of my favorite foods in a simple, easy dish. I cooked the bacon, then removed it and cooked the onion, kale, corn, tomatoes, and garlic in the bacon grease and added plenty of lemon juice until everything was a little browned. I removed the veggies and quickly seared the cod on both sides before adding in the tomato/corn concoction and the pieces of bacon broken into smaller pieces. I let the whole stew simmer and flavors mix until the cod was cooked to perfection (which doesn’t take too long) and its texture was as luscious and smooth as butter.

Lobster Feed

Blueberry Lemon Cupcakes

Turtles up river, no we didn't eat them

Look down to see up

Glorious Camden bay view

tiny quail eggs

Blueberry beehive

Dew frosted spider webs

Goodnight Moon