My First Benedict

by sageandhoney

My camera slowly died over the last few weeks hence my posting absence. Luckily a few friends took some shots of the food we’ve been eating. One of the highlights was the salmon benedict we made while visiting friends in Santa Cruz. My friend’s boss caught the salmon, I brought eggs from my ranch, we made homemade hollandaise sauce, seasoned with lemon, rosemary and sea salt from the farmers market and ate it all on whole wheat English muffins. This was my first eggs benedict, for some reason I’ve just never ordered it or made it before, and now I’ll be hard pressed to find any benedict more delicious than this salmon creation. The eggs were perfectly poached and the salmon was moist and flaky and the hollandaise was rich and smooth and delicious.

Preparing the salmon with sea salt, lemon, and rosemary sprigs

Four perfect salmon eggs benedicts

Salmon benedict with little grilled eggplants

Impatiently waiting to start eating during the photo session