An Enormous Egg

by sageandhoney

I’m not sure if these pictures quite give the enormity of this egg justice, but holy shit, it was gigantic. One of the geese at the ranch finally laid an egg, I guess this is a semi rare occasion, and I was thankful my mom brought me this monster egg. This was my first goose egg experience and I think next time I would make an omelet with it, or I don’t know, a souffle…The egg was delicious with such a thick, chewy egg white and an extremely rich, velvety smooth yolk. Still, I must say I prefer our tiny little eggs for frying.

This yolk was the size of about 4 normal egg yolks combined

After an ironically cloudy week in Sun Valley, ID, the warm, partly sunny springtime weather in Reno is a welcome treat. Pussy willows  mean spring to me and on a walk today they were beautifully budding in the park accompanied by a few tiny flowers. Naturally I didn’t have my slowly dying camera with me on the walk, so I brought a big bunch home.

Oh, and our ladies alpine team was 3rd overall at nationals in Idaho!
Flowers from over the hill where spring time is in full bloom

I like reading articles that reconfirm what I already believe, isn’t that natural? I certainly believe the public has been incredibly mislead about what kind fat is healthy or not. My brother showed me this article about the ridiculous demonization of healthy fats and I’m just glad for some of my beliefs to go mainstream so I can continue drinking whole milk and my brother can happily consume copious amounts of Niman ranch bacon without too many scathing and judgmental sidelong glances.