Rants and Lion Skulls

by sageandhoney

I recently attended a reading by one of my English professors. It was by far one of the most enlivening, hilarious, and inspirational events I’ve experienced so far in my school career. As I listened to his comic essays about the wild arid west (and its wild arid people) and the long history and absurdity of turkey pardonings by presidents, I thought oh yeah, this is what learning is supposed to be about: fun. Mike Branch is a huge believer in fun and has the charisma and talent to present serious issues, like environmentalism and politics, in a lighthearted way that foremost make us laugh, and also cause us to question and think seriously about important issues.

I urge you to check out some of his essays on High Country News. He read us “Walking to California” and “Customer Cranky” and also a long essay not presented on HCN. His recognition of the absurdity of the “normal” is such a unique gift and he had us laughing for the entirety of his reading. Thanks Mike!

The highlight of my day today was the mountain lion skull my mom brought down for me. She was out on a long hike at the ranch and came across the full skeleton of a mountain lion. Due to my affinity for such things she knowingly brought me the skull which was promptly incorporated into part of my room decor.

The co-op has provided such incredible and beautiful produce lately. I mean they always do, but recently I’ve been overwhelmed by the beauty of the greens there and find them overflowing my basket. I can’t wait for them to move even closer to me soon! Our chickens have started laying eggs like crazy, I mean 17 eggs a day crazy. It’s nice to have a plethora of vividly orange, delicious eggs.

speckled brown, big and small the eggs keep coming