Jorge’s Ribs

by sageandhoney

We’ve been raising a few male goats at the ranch and sadly, but deliciously, one of the goats named Jorge made his way into our dinner around Thanksgiving. We still have leftovers so I had a few ribs and other cuts to use in a few recipes.

I usually leave the meat cooking to the men in my family but I think I held my own this time around.

I browned the ribs in my cast iron after coating them in sea salt and lemon pepper. After a few minutes on each side I put them in a 405* oven. After ten or so minutes I took them out and added chopped mizuna and kale to the cast iron (make sure the greens get coated by the oil in the pan). Meanwhile I had potatoes chopped and roasting for about 20 minutes or so before…I put the potatoes in with the greens and then set the ribs on top of them and roasted until the greens were a little crispy. I almost never eat ribs, and I’ve never prepared them before, but these were incredible. The complexity of flavors from the kale and mizuna roasted in with the goat completely made the dish and added texture and color.

Diced purple, sweet, and red potatoes with mizuna, kale, and goat ribs