Vegetable Stuffed Pumpkin

by sageandhoney

Roasted vegetables inside a roasted pumpkin

I made this roasted vegetable filled pumpkin a few weeks ago and it fed a decent size crowd. It’s kind of an awe inspiring dish, robust and elegant and super versatile. I roasted celeriac (or celery root), fennel, garlic, mushrooms, parsnips, peppers, shallots and some other root vegetables on baking pans with lemon juice, olive oil, and salt at 425 until they were browned. While they were roasting I also had the pumpkin roasting (and the pumpkin seeds in their own pan with salt + lemon juice+ olive oil). After about 40 minutes or so I put the vegetables inside the pumpkin and roasted a little bit longer, then for the final effect I broiled the pumpkin (and accidentally lit it on fire) so it had a blackened rustic look.

The light, sweet flesh of the pumpkin balances the earthy, salty, caramelized root vegetables perfectly. My dish was about half roasted veggie and half scooped out pumpkin with goat cheese and fresh herbs (we used parsley). I’m envisioning mini pumpkins filled with beets, garlic, shallots, and whatever else I have on hand with roasted kale, goat cheese and cilantro. The pumpkin recipe that I (semi) followed came from Gourmet magazine, find the recipe here.