Looking Forward to The Worst

by sageandhoney

My mom sent me a link to blog that in detail helps you understand what it means to survive in a post-oil economy. This is extreme dooms day type stuff, but I have this sick excitement that I’ve never really admitted before now when it comes to this end of oil, end of the world, back to the land, survival type of talk. I mean, I don’t want civil war or a lot of people to die, this is not the reality that I want to be a part of. Instead I get this idealistic excitement about the pressure to conform to a “normal” job, “normal” lifestyle, released and the options being a little bit reduced and simplified. I understand that this is the exact issue with post-oil survival. Our lives become insanely harder, more dangerous, there are less options, and so on. But sometimes I get in this imaginative dream like state where it becomes okay for our whole reality to be turned inside out, where the things that actually keep us alive become primarily important. Maybe you don’t believe in any of this and think it’s all a hoax. But that’s just it, whether you believe or not there is a possibility of it happening. If we really do need to learn how to survive it doesn’t matter if you believed the day would come when we ran out of oil or not because well, it happened. So my approach is not to get overexcited (about the negatives or positives) but instead work towards learning how to survive and creating my own abundance because this is what I want to do. And whether or not the day comes when this information becomes pertinent to my real survival I will have gained useful information.

Anyways, check out this blog if you want to learn how to prepare for the end of oil with me.

On another note my dear friend sent me a link to a documentary about the terrible disappearance of honey-bees. The film is cleverly named Silence of the Bees (after the grossly terrifying Silence of the Lambs). Alert yourself to information that has everything to do with our food production, in fact about 1/3 of our food production relies on bees.

Silence of the Bees

In the theme of bees I still have honey from the very noisy bees that lived on our ranch this summer. Get in touch with me if you want some! ($16 for 3lbs)

I’ll leave you with some quotes I enjoyed from Sherman Alexie, a Native American writer who really challenges our view of reality and stereotypes:

“Imagination is the politics of dreams; imagination turns every word into a bottle rocket”

“But those arguments were just as damaging as a fist. Words can be like that, you know?”

“How do you talk to the real person whose ghost has haunted you? How do you tell the difference between the two?”