Reno in July and Baby Chicks

by sageandhoney

I always dreaded being in Reno during the summer time but I find myself excited and not really wanting to leave with Artown going on, live music and art everywhere.

Just today at school I was biking to class when this man said, “Hey, I am a poet…please come back.” I couldn’t help myself and he asked so nicely that I walked over after parking my bike and asked him about his poetry whereupon he serenaded me with a poem called Vanilla Queen, which was um, quite flattering and made me feel rather bashful. Anyways there is so much cool shit going on. Seriously though, check out some of the events on the Reno is Artown website.

Before I go into Artown info, a friend of my friend is playing a free show in Reno this Friday. I’ve heard the music is quite enjoyable and he is very talented so I’m going to go see for myself.

Exciting Artown events:

  • River School’s Artown event: Urban Farms & Art Festival (8.11.10)
    Over 20 local vendors!
    Live Music
    Food from Sup and Calvin’s Sausages
    Buckbean Brewery Beer Garden
    Fresh Lemonade
    Cupcake Walk
    Bean Bag Toss
    Face Painting
    Henna Painting
    Free Admission!
  • Cirque de la Symphonie (7.15.10)
  • Wednesday night music
  • Diavolo (7.30.10)

So come down and check it out!

In the mean time here are a few pictures of the crazy looking chickens on the ranch:

chicken on my knee

the chicks

he kind of looks like a baby penguin

Ranch rule #1: Find weirdest looking animals possible

All of the chickens have turquoise ears

And they all have sweet Afros