Hail Caesar

by sageandhoney

I haven’t been taking any pictures lately of anything. I think some people are natural born camera bearers who remember that they want to capture present moments to look back on in the future. But me, I don’t even bring water on 8+ mile hikes. I recently jaunted up to rifle peak on a crystal clear Tahoe day. I was tired starting up the trail but when I saw the deep blue of the lake I felt electricity in my veins and basically ran up excited the rest of the way. When I got up to the top after walking a few miles through snow fields it was hot and sunny and on top of rifle the wind felt so powerful like it would blow you off the huge cliff in an instant if it so inclined. I sat up there for a while on the edge of the rock with the wind and sun beating against me thinking only about how much I love that place. I was taking these huge bounding leaps on the way down through the snow because it was soft and didn’t scratch up my legs like the crusty hard snow up there can sometimes. Instead I felt like I was floating all the way down it was so much fun even though I sunk up to my mid thigh and did a full face plant at one point.

I need a camera that photographs food so it looks appetizing, and I want dishes that complement the food I make. I always admire the food photography on 101 cookbooks. I mean everything is just right, the plates and pans, lighting, napkins, I haven’t quite mastered the presentation and accessorizing of food yet so I think I’ll start thrift store and garage sale hunting for treasures to serve delicious treats in.

I wish I  had started this hunt earlier as tonight I feel like I put a huge metaphorical cherry on top of an old classic. I had anchovies here because we recently made pizza, and if you haven’t had anchovies on pizza you are seriously missing out. They are so salty and delicious and melt in your mouth…but anyways I  had anchovies, then I spotted this delicious looking romaine at the co-op. So I thought immediately of Caesar salad. I haven’t had a Caesar in ages, nor have I ever made it at home so I thought it would be a fun adventure. My mom told me I should make my own dressing because its really easy so I sifted through a few different recipes before using a food network Tyler Florence one that I altered a bit. Then I realized…hmmm…I don’t have bread and don’t feel like making it, but I do have these fingerling potatoes left over that I need to use, and this left over pancetta. So I whipped up the dressing in my beloved vita mix, kept the romaine lettuce pieces whole, cooked the fingerling potatoes in goat milk butter (this stuff is ridiculously amazing) added the pancetta to the potatoes, a little salt, some pepper, a somewhat nice looking oblong plate and voila I had the best Caesar salad of all time.


Lemony Caesar Dressing
1 clove garlic
4 anchovy fillets
2 egg yokes
1 tablespoon dijon mustard
2 lemons juiced
2 tablespoons water
1/2 cup extra virgin olive oil
freshly grated parmesan (says 1/4 cup  but I just shaved some in there)
black pepper

For the assembly I broke off whole pieces of romaine. I put the dressing on, then a few anchovies, then spooned on the potato/pancetta mix and then you can shave a little more parmesan on top or salt and eat it with a fork and knife.