Ode to Chocolate Shakes

by sageandhoney

There is nothing easier, yummier, healthier or more satisfying than a raw cacao shake…except perhaps dehydrated kale chips but those deserve their own ode. It’s the kind of thing you can drink any time of day and feel great, rejuvenated and in my case wired from the caffeine in the cacao.

Raw Chocolate Shake:

Handful of raw almonds
Vanilla powder
Sea salt
Coconut water
Ice cubes
Raw cacao powder

I’m not very precise with my measurements but I generally toss all of these into my vitamix and voila! amazing treat created that tasted just like a milk shake but is actually healthy.

On another note I want to bring attention to the ever pressing organic vs. conventional vs. local vs. natural vs. etc vs. etc issue by quoting Joel Salatin:

Too often, especially in organic agriculture, we focus all the attention on the animal’s diet and miss the bigger picture… I am constantly amazed that people in Virginia pay exorbitant prices for certified organic broilers flown in refrigerated air freight from California, birds that do not receive green material and are raised basically in a conventional confinement factory house. From a world-view standpoint, it would probably be better for the environment to buy locally produced conventional chicken than to encourage the use of jet fuel and heavy metal to transport that chicken across the country. In the name of one cause, we sacrifice another equally worthy cause… the point is that organic feed is only a fraction of what is necessary to produce a truly dynamic bird. Certainly truly organic chickens are not necessarily bad. But neither are they necessarily good.

I am frustrated by the misconceptions and trickery that exist in our food system. But, when we gain awareness about misleading labels and food issues I believe it is our personal responsibility to make an effort to do what is right. And what is right to me is meeting the people who I buy my food from. I recently made a trip to Lattin Farms in Fallon and when you get to sit down and talk  to a farmer there is a level of transparency that you will never find at the store.

I am disheartned by our food system, by the  monumental scientific scandal that is ClimateGate and the dead zones in the oceans estimated to be twice the size of Texas.

And on that note it’s time for bed, because I agree with Ernest Hemingway about sleep:

“I love sleep. My life has the tendency to fall apart when I’m awake, you know?”