Earth Day Prep!

by sageandhoney

We are in the final, final, final, final stages of editing our composting prospectus, making sure our facts and plan are sound and ready to go- I am sadly missing the building of the first worm bin in Reno this weekend as I am racing in Mammoth, but I hope everything goes well and as planned there so we can start the composting. We are also preparing for our Earth Day event at UNR on Apirl 20 and 21.

Below is the general plan:

UNR Earth Day: “Turning Earth Day Theory into Every Day Action”

Building on the success of the fall, 2008 Sustainability Festival (Go Green with Nevada Blue), we have teamed up once

again with the Joe Crowley Student Union (CSU), the Associated Students of the University of Nevada (ASUN) club, the Environmental Action Team (EnAcT), and the Child & Family Research Center (CFRC) to bring a multi-generational Earth Day event to the University of Nevada, Reno campus on Monday and Tuesday, April 20-21.

Film Festival & Swap:Soylent Green, the 1970’s cult classic film, will open the Earth Day event as the headliner for Monday night’s film festival, also organized and hosted by EnAcT. The film will be shown at 5:00pm at the movie theater on the third floor of the CSU. Also there will be a Book & Clothing Swap: CSU lawn during the afternoon of the 20th (weather permitting)

Recycled Art Exhibit: Several classes from the CFRC are constructing works of art that will be displayed on the fourth floor lounge areas of the CSU. Prior to the Trashion Show, EnAcT is hosting a catered, community-wide mixer for UNR students, faculty, staff , community business, nonprofit organizations and families to join. The mixer is free to everyone, and starts at 5:00 p.m. on the CSU fourth floor in rooms 402 & 403.

Trashion Show: A multigenerational Trashion Show with guest appearances by local television news hosts wearing costumes designed and constructed by undergraduates and pre-schoolers will premiere on Tuesday, April 21 in the CSU Ballroom A-C at 7:00 p.m. The Trashion Show, developed by Environmental Studies Major and EnAcT President Delia Martinez, features unique runway designs fashioned from materials that would otherwise be garbage. Tickets can be purchased at the door on the day of this event. Tickets are $5.00 for general admission and $2.00 for students.

Workshops: During the day, on Tuesday, a series of workshops will be taught by students, faculty, staff , and community partners. These workshops will feature practical understanding of topics as diverse as how to green your small business to starting up your own vermiculture composting project. The workshops will be held in two primary rooms in the CSU, rooms 320 and 356 (senate chambers). Two workshops per hour will be featured, each will be an hour in duration and each workshop will start at the following times:

10:00a.m: Life as a Locavore: Leslie Allen, UNCE Horticulturalist & Peter Goin: environmental photography workshop.

11:00a.m: Teaching Sustainability Across the Curriculum, Faculty Workshop: Jen Huntleysmith, UNAE& Campus Vermiculture Project: Environmental Studies 310 Students.

1:00p.m: International Water Issues in Africa: Debora Stiver, College of Business & Panel Discussion on Alternative Transportation: Representatives from the RTC & ATC.

2:00p.m: How to Green your Business: Kevin Dick, Small Business Development Center ‘Has Environmentalism Gone to the Dogs?’ Best Bowser Biohazard Management Practices: Mark Walker, Environmental Sciences Graduate Program Director.

We will have a vermi composting workshop on Tuesday April 21 with powerpoint presentation, live worms, informational visual aids, and fun interactive learning opportunities.

I am so excited for Earth Day. Green Cafe group will also be providing food Monday or Tuesday, possibly both depending on scheduling, availability, etc. We will have a meeting on Friday April 17 cementing the plans and forming the schedule. There will also be catering by Whole Foods, but we will be providing even more homebaked, local food. Right now I am in Mammoth, at my last ski race for the season and am ready to have more free time to commit to composting and the cafe. This semester has flown by; spring is always a blur with the traveling, and skiing, but now there are a few more weeks to work hard and make a difference.

If you want to be added to the Green Cafe email list to get info about meetings, events, etc,  please contact  me at, or just leave your info in comment form on the blog.

Also I would love to hear from anyone with great seasonal recipes!