Animal Vegetable Miraculous

by sageandhoney

I just listened to Animal Vegetable Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver on book tape and it was one the best books I’ve listened to/read yet. I have the book in non disk form which was a perfect gift from my boyfriends mom,  but I ended up listening to the book tape as I had a long drive ahead of me. The book is stock full of information, recipes, stories, and enough food talk to have me salavating at the end of my drive. Without preaching, and adding a distinct southern flair of humor and flavor, Kingsolver heartily encourages local food, and why its worth it. For the recipes alone this book is amazing, I am ready to read it and listen to it a few more tiimes just to make sure I absorb the information.

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I’ve been inspired the last couple days to make oven dried tomatoes, which I’ve almost solely lived off they are so good. Slice some fresh, in season, local tomatoes and place them on an oven sheet. Sprinkle them with thyme and salt, put them in an oven around 350 degrees and roast until the sides start curling up and they are shriveled looking- add them to any dish or just snack on them alone, they are so delicious.