Deepening Roots

by sageandhoney


I was encouraged by my friend Jayne to look into this program called Deepening Roots. She and another girl in my class both experienced the program and apparently loved everything it had to offer.

The program is in La Maurice, Quebec. After completing the course I am supposed to be able to:

  • Implement sustainable agricultural techniques and understand the importance of local community food systems
  • Be strong, influential, service oriented leaders that will influence your generation towards a sustainable future.
  • Teach a two-day weekend workshop in your communities that focuses on sustainable living and community food systems
  • Develop a meditation practice that will nurture a focused, stress-free, calm and contented mindset
  • Understand body function and convey how physical health relates to spiritual, mental, environmental and social health

I am seriously considering applying. There is this picture of a girl collecting strawberries which totally sold me on the entire experience because I love strawberries more than anything. But these pictures suffice to show the grandeur and beauty of the place…

Yes fire is a beautiful thing to me

Yes fire is a beautiful thing to me



I will be posting about more relevant topics to UNR composting and food soon enough but I just wanted to share this program.

For anyone interested, click on DEEPENING ROOTS

And as always, suggestions for other programs are encouraged.