by sageandhoney

The worm guy, aka Darren Murphy, spoke in my class yesterday and sold us on vermiculture (composting with worms). I am excited about this because it is something I know so little about. After he spoke to our class the project finally seemed feasible and we were able to begin planning with ease and enthusiasm.

Having a plan and direction is so incredibly relieving because we can all finally focus our energy into one project. Our tasks include: building the worm bins-which means digging several inches below ground, lining the bottom with some sort of mesh so critters cannot get in, and lining it with cinder blocks, finding a way to transport the pre consumer waste (we are starting with pre consumer and hopefully incorporating post consumer at some point), setting up the bins with the worms, finding a carbon source, and then finally dumping in the food residuals. The point I was most sold on is the seemingly amazing ability of the worms to eliminate dangerous toxins and harmful bacteria from the compost. Who knew the magic and fertility of worm castings! No recipe is needed and you can gather the castings every several months to sell, or use on a garden. But most importantly and amazingly it seems as though the worms happily do all the work.

This is so different and diverse than anything I have ever done before I am so excited to work towards building the composting site and watch the little guys work their magic. Also Darren was enthusiastic about working with us which is incredibly encouraging. His business is called Sierra Worm Solutions, they look better in black and white and covered in dirt..., they look better in black and white and covered in dirt...

I want some worms for my own compost now. It seems like a far better solution than my current pile. I could inexpensively build something that would maintain a warm temperature and then the process would be less labor intensive, and a huge plus is that the process requires no added water.

On a different and also exciting note, the first green cafe meeting for this semester is on Friday at 4:30 in room 523 in the Library. I am really excited to plan events and see who else we can get involved in the project. I am happy to finally have a Friday when I am actually here, though they are few and far between.