Getting Dirty

by sageandhoney

I went through the excruciating process of making my compost heap. Okay, it wasn’t excruciating but I was planning on taking pictures throughout the transformative process but if you have a weak stomach at all I would not recommend looking at or smelling food scraps that date a few months. The first half of the residuals stunk to high heaven and the rest had started decomposing together with some hay I had the foresight to throw in there a few months ago. I know I was supposed to be deciding which method I wanted to take to compost but my bucket was full and alas it was time to ACT! And I did it with no shovel, rake or any other type of tools. I used a piece of plywood which I would not recommend and my gloves are covered with decomposing slime…


I think I am going to build a compost bin or get a tumbler eventually but for now I went for the use what you’ve got approach, which pretty much amounted to my compost looking like this:

It looks so innocent covered with hay and leaves

Tips are always welcome...