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by sageandhoney

My dream...

My dream...

As I am starting at ground zero on composting know how, there are a few questions I need to create. For class I need to: “Articulate questions to address what information is needed about current status and project development.” This project pertaining to the compost system we will be integrating into the UNR campus.

1. What measures will we take to be funded and who are our best options? We need a truck or some sort of transport vehicle to carry the compost from the pick up site at school, to the UNR farm, about a mile or so away. This and the loading, unloading, composting, etc, takes more than a few people. Not to mention the cultivating of the compost. Which leads me to my second question…

2. How are we going to create student awareness about composting/environmentalism and incentive? Placing information of plates, napkins, cups, etc in the cafeteria has been brought up which I think is a great start. But what I would love to see happen is during new student orientation next year have an environmental awareness/green forum required for the students to attend where they are informed and encouraged to participate in environmental activism/events.

3. How are we going to save money and turn a profit from the compost? (Craig help us!)

4. What is our first step to making this a reality?

I am hoping that our presentation in class today will help with these questions because, luckily… Craig Witt is guest speaking in my class! Craig is the owner and president of Full Circle Compost which is “the Carson Valley’s source for organic composting and soil nutrition needs!” The website is great, there is so much information about composting and history etc. I am very excited to have a man come in who makes a Business out of Composting. I can’t wait and will hopefully gain new knowledge to share here….

As far as my own personal composting pursuits I want to:

1. Decide which method I most want to implement for my composting. Do I want a pile? Tumbler? Homemade system? etc…

2. Gain as much knowledge about composting and which type of foods I want to essentially grow. This means learning what will grow best here and how to create the best soil to grow it.

3. Absorbing as much knowledge from others as possible!

That wraps up the days composting initiative! But I wanted to bring light to the Great Basin Food Community Coop. This is where I grocery shop for the best tasting, freshest, seasonal, mostly organic, and reasonably priced food in Reno. The produce there is exceptional, Trader Joes and Whole Foods simply cannot compete with fruits and vegetables grown within a fifty mile radius and picked when ripe instead of shipped halfway across the world. The people there are incredibly kind and knowledgable. Unfortunately, the budget cuts in Reno threaten the existence of a free Department of Agriculture Organic Certification Program. The cut diminishes some of the incentive for local farmers to grow sustainably.

Here, cited from an email from the GBFC, explains the reasons we should care and fight for the program:

1) No organic certification for our Nevada Farmers unless they pay themselves the expense of bringing in a commercial certifier – which many of them can not afford.
2) No continued incentive for farmers to go through the process of growing organic since they will no longer be able to differentiate their goods from any other goods grown in Nevada.
3) An increase in practices that are damaging to our environment, our farmers, farm workers, and ourselves through the food we eat.
Tell our government to full fund the Nevada Department of Agriculture’s Organic Certification program!”

On their webiste all of the contact information for the government is provided, so please act! Website:

Now if you do not believe me about their foods hopefully I’ll change your mind….(and of course I am contributing to my healthy compost pile by buying so many fruits and veggies!)

You are looking at the perfect salad I made myself for lunch. Mixed greens, spinach, raisins, sliced almonds, apples, blood oranges, mozzarella cheese, and vinegar and extra virgin olive oil.

You are looking at the perfect salad I made myself for lunch. Mixed greens, spinach, raisins, sliced almonds, apples, blood oranges, mozzarella cheese, and vinegar and extra virgin olive oil.

Perfectly ripe blood orange

Perfectly ripe blood orange